Hägglund Consulting Group

Our Story

A Little Bit About Us.

Our Mission


Our mission is to help business owners achieve the true potential of their companies. Often owners can get caught up in the day to day operations of the business. Because they are working so close with every aspect of the business, a fresh perspective is sometimes needed to identify underutilized opportunities.

Focus & Execution is our mantra. We believe companies that narrow their focus and become exceptional at what they do, excel in the long term.

Owners who focus on improving their product or service, dominate their market because they shift their focus from competition to customer satisfaction. Ultimately, isn’t that what actually matters? If a customer is extremely impressed with your product, they will continue to use it over and over again. Not only that, if it is truly remarkable, they will tell everyone they know about it.


Meet the Owner


Hi my name is Chandler Hägglund, the owner here at Hägglund Consulting Group. I have a passion for business. A brief background on me; I grew up on Whidbey Island (beautiful place), my father ran a construction business and I had the opportunity to learn at his business from a young age. I strived to do the best is every class and take on challenging classes and extra-curriculars - from football and track & field to student government to honor society.

In high school I became very involved in the school’s DECA program and the student run cafe through the marketing and leadership classes offered. I learned a lot in the three years of those marketing classes. From this experience, I decided to major in business in college and went on to a Master’s program in management. In the business world, I started a home service business and grew it to multiple trucks.

Throughout the process of growing the business, I learned how vital systems and attention to detail were to success. Once a business grows beyond the owner, the systems and processes for operations need to be in place so everything can run smoothly, and more importantly so the owner can keep his or her sanity. But beyond that, they can help build a brand image, bring more customers in, and help with recruiting.

I decided to start Hägglund Consulting to offer a place that owners could get help, avoid the pitfalls I faced and saw many other owners face, and accelerate their growth. I want to help build great businesses and make it so owners can have some balance in their life.

Outside of the business world, I enjoy athletics, the outdoors, and experiencing new cultures. I love challenges and doing what other people think is impossible.