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Are Your Customers Confused?

Is your marketing message not clear? Does your website not have a clear call to action, or intuitive navigation? If you have a physical location, does the flow and location of everything make sense? How about your product or service offering; is it clear what you sell or is it too diversified?

Confused people don’t buy. Make it easy for them; so simple and intuitive that there is no resistance in purchasing from you.

Below we dive into three areas you can work on to prevent confused customers.


Clarity can make a significant difference in someone’s experience with your company. If their expectations at at the appropriate level, they will not be left feeling disappointed.

So what can you do to improve your clarity? Be clear about what you provide and what the process looks like on the consumer’s side. Know what your business stands for and let that reflect in everything you do.

This is also extremely important for growing your business. If you have clarity of what you want it to become and how to get there, you will be successful. What is the business’s mission and vision? Why are you in business? And what impact do you want to have?


Simple is almost always better. Less moving parts equates to less possible points of failure. It can make everything easier for both your company and your customers.

Evaluate what you are currently doing and ask if there is a way that this could be simplified and maintain or improve the quality of the end result.


Every interaction a customer has with you company or product needs to be intuitive. It should be easy to use and just make sense. When a process is intuitive, it removes confusion from the equation and you want to use it more. It just seems right, and makes sense.

If you are looking to make a process or product more intuitive and don’t know where to start, ask someone who has never experienced it to give it a try. Have them tell you where they get hung up, and where it could be changed so that it made more sense. You could even ask other people who use it on a regular basis where they see inefficiencies and improve from there.

Chandler Hagglund