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Goals vs Systems

Goals provide the direction, and systems provide the processes for getting there. Without goals, you may lack direction, and end up heading the direction opposite of where you want to be going. On the flip side of this, goals are worthless if nothing is every done to work towards the goal.

To see the best results, decide the direction you want to go. Figure out who you want to be, what you want you business to become, and then determine what needs to be done on a regular basis. Build systems that allow progress to be made.

It doesn’t need to happen overnight, in fact most success takes years and is build on consistent actions that many never see.

You may not see visible progress for a long time, then all at once it will be massive. Think about planting a seed. Nothing, nothing, nothing, then one day it all of a sudden sprouts. During the time where you couldn’t see anything, it was building its root system.

Tying back to the topic, use goals to help determine the direction you want to head, and use systems to take consistent action to work in that direction. For more in depth look into this concept, check out James’ book Atomic Habits.

Chandler Hagglund